The Sankofa Project:
1865 – 1900 (6 boxes)




The Sankofa Project: 1865 -1900 features 29 first generation African Americans, their achievements, personal accomplishments, and contributions pre and post Emancipation Proclamation. These individuals were trailblazers and embodied the principles of Kwanzaa (unity, self-determination, collective work & responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith) to survive racism, sexism, and oppression, irrespective of being born in the northern or southern states. The Adinkra symbol, the Sankofa bird, depicts reaching back – retrieving wisdom from the past to build the future. Sankofa’s literal meaning: GO BACK TO FETCH IT.

The Sankofa Project includes 29 cards plus 4 Sankofa Note Cards
29 Cards: size 2.75 x 4.25, black and white photo includes brief biography.
4 Sankofa Cards: size 4.24 x 5.50 invitation size; blank card with envelope