About The Adinkra Project

Adinkra symbols are popular and displayed on clothing, jewelry, and home décor throughout the world. There is a fascination for the beauty of Adinkra designs, although many people are unaware of the deep, spiritual meanings of Adinkra symbols.

The Adinkra Project pairs a spiritual principle with the meaning of an Adinkra symbol. In the book, Soul Qualities: The Art of Becoming With Study Guide, there are forty spiritual principles, and each spiritual principle corresponds with the meaning of an Adinkra symbol. The purpose of Soul Qualities is to reinforce spiritual practice through symbolism.
Scriptural Gem Cards: A Deck of 40 Reference Cards, compliment the book, Soul Qualities, through daily practice activities. In addition, Focused Art Adinkra Jewelry by Creative Vision Designs are daily reminders that reinforce spiritual principle and practice. Spiritual principles are 2% awareness and 98% practice. Focused Adinkra Art are the tools that assist in making our spiritual practice personal. Select an Adinkra symbol with a meaning that resonates with the soul and experience the power of Adinkra. Share your spiritual practice with Adinkra Greeting Cards by sending an encouraging, uplifting note to family, friends, and co-workers.

The Adinkra Project contributes to total well-being and offers a toolbox engaging the mind, body, and spirit, tapping into our hidden potential. We are creative and powerful beings and spiritual practice honors The Divine, Self, others, and our life process.