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Adinkra Greeting Cards are unique because of their bold geometric patterns. The Adinkra artform has existed for over 200 years, with over a thousand symbols and designs. The symbols are combined to create new meanings. There is a fascination with the beauty and power of Adinkra designs, although many are unaware of the deep, spiritual, and cultural meaning of the symbols. Adinkra Greeting Cards are inspirational, uplifting, and reflect the wisdom, traditions, proverbs, and values of the Akan people. Adinkra Greeting Cards educate and acknowledge the everlasting power of the Creator, Spirit, Universal Mind: God.

Adinkra Greeting Cards are sold in two (2) sets of six Adinkra symbols – twelve cards per box. Card size
4 ¼ x 5 ½, invitation size, with envelopes. Each card displays an Adinkra symbol, the meaning of the symbol, the pronunciation, and context. The box also includes a brief history of Adinkra cloth. Share your spiritual practice with Adinkra Greeting Cards by sending an encouraging, uplifting note to family, friends, and co-workers.