Scriptural Gems


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Scriptural Gems: A Deck of 40 Soul Quality Reference Cards, compliment the book Soul Qualities: The Art of Becoming With Study Guide, through daily practice activities.  The cards are daily reminders, designed to shift awareness, inspire, and present practical application of wisdom traditions for daily encouragement. Randomly select a card each morning to focus your day or assemble a small group to share ideas, experiences, and application of the principle or soul quality. Feed the soul a daily spiritual feast of prayer, meditation, forgiveness, faith, and gratitude. Combine kindness, peace, love, patience, acceptance, authenticity, nonjudgement, and awareness for mastering relationships with Self and others. Each box contains an Adinkra brooch or pin by Creative Vision Designs. The meaning of the Adinkra symbol coincides with a spiritual principle, designed to make your practice personal.