Soul Qualities: The Art of Becoming
With Study Guide


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Soul Qualities: The Art of Becoming With Study Guide lists forty spiritual principles that coincide with the meaning of an Adinkra symbol. The meaning of Adinkra symbols are visual representations of the traditions, proverbs, and values of the Akan, one of the largest ethnic groups in Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire in West Africa.  The anatomy of a soul quality includes a spiritual principle, self-assessments, practice, and prayer. Spirituality is 2% awareness and 98% practice. The intent of Soul Qualities is to inspire spiritual activism.

Soul Qualities: The Art of Becoming With Study Guide contains Soul Journey: The Practice, a forty-day course (approximately six weeks). Research studies show, that as adults, 25,000 hours of conditioning from childhood affect our thought processes daily. During the forty-day practice, fast from negativity (people, places, and things), and develop your thought life through affirmations and thought programming. There are an infinite number of spiritual principles available for practice. Awareness, choice, authenticity, kindness, mindfulness, acceptance, intention, and forgiveness are samples of principles in Soul Qualities. Practice the principles and share your insights with others. Become who you are created to be by living your best life. Don’t just talk about it, be about it…BECOME.